Wrath of the Rant

In defense of the 2DS

One of the things I've seen quite often since the 2DS reveal is claims of how the device will flop, how it will suck, and how it's a complete and utter failure. I've tried, to my best ability, to show them some reason, but that apparently doesn't work. It's getting pretty tiring, too, so I'll go ahead and make a post on it here for all of you (read: none of you, since there's probably no one that reads this) to see.

Update: Revisiting this article since it was originally posted, a while since before the 2DS release.

  • The device is too large!

If you look at the render above, you'll probably be under the impression that it's a bit big. I thought the same thing. But if you look at the renders on Nintendo's website, you'll see something about it; it's smaller than you thought! Further, if you look on the DS series page on Wikipedia, you'll see the dimensions of the 2DS listed. It's only slightly larger than the 3DS unfolded, in actuality. Looks like you were wrong about that one.

  • It can't fold!

Well, let's put this into perspective. The 3DS has already been sold to a large majority of people who are interested into it. So why would Nintendo release the 2DS, a stripped down version of the 3DS? Well, it does in fact make sense. Nintendo is trying to capture all the audiences it can. Given that it already has a good amount of them, they figured that they are, in fact, missing one. Younger children, ideally of the age 5 or 6. If you've ever owned a DS for more than a few years and weren't particularly careful with it, you'd know that the hinges are definitely the weak point with on the DS series. The 2DS does away with that, making it one slate instead of a folding device, which greatly increases it's stability and toughness. But hey, if you have a broken DS, at least you can still do something with it.

  • There's no 3D effect!

Well, yes. That's for the exact same reason as stated above; the audience is younger children, who's parents wouldn't want to expose them to those effects. It's obviously possible to just put parental controls on the 3DS and disable toggling 3D, but that still leaves you with the structural weakness of having the hinges.

  • It doesn't fit in my pocket!

...Cool? Get bigger pockets (joking). Actually, since the target audience is, once again, younger children, they have a tendancy to run around with things, not put them in their pocket. There's also the fact that young children's pockets tend to be small enough that they can't fit a regular DS Lite into it at all, anyway. If putting it into your pocket is such a concern, then spend an extra $40 to buy the 3DS instead of the 2DS. I know that kind of pricing makes the whole 2DS thing seem redundant, but if you think that, then you need to go back up and read my other points a second time. And if you came back here and still think so, then do it a third time. A fourth as well, preferably.

  • The screen won't be protected!

That much is true, unfortunately. That's one of the drawbacks of having a sturdier console. Didn't stop people from buying a Game Boy/Color or other devices, though.

  • The 2DS is for poor people!

You are a high-class asshole and you should feel bad. Do me a favor. Go outside. Look for a job. Being a troll is not a job, and no one appreciates it, that's for sure.

  • It's price is too close to the 3DS!

This point is getting repetitive. It's target audience is children, for one, and it's lack of ability to fold might entice parents. It was also the UK's best selling console for a week, and if that didn't convince you it'll do well, I should note thst it's also being sold in Red/White for £99 on Amazon, while the 3DS itself is hitting £130. This allows for ccheaper sales, as intended. It's also almost Holiday season, so price-savvy shoppers will probably go for the 2DS. The 2DS was also released alongside Pokemon X & Y, two games which Nintendo knows will sell many copies. The lower-priced 2DS helps with this, providing an upgrade option to people with older handhelds, for less. It's a pretty good strategy.


Wrapping up, the 2DS definitely seems like a solid console, which I feel will sell well, if it hasn't already (no statistics have been released on the sales yet).

If you have any more reasons why you think it's a bad console, then please leave a message in the comments. I'll make sure to reply.

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